2014 International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium: updates

The Second International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium
On Health, Education, and Cultural Exchange

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan72
“Directly from the Source”

July 5 – 11, 2014

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Spalding University
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Hello everyone,This notification reminds you about the final discount phase for registration, and to let you know that the Symposium website has several new items:

• On-line registration for the full event or daily attendance (on-site registration is also available for last-minute decisions)
• Housing options
• Biographies of the five featured Grandmasters, and an introduction of Grandmaster He Youlu and He Style Tai Chi Chuan
• Academic program—latest details: Symposium Keynote presenters, their credentials, biographies, topics
• Symposium Program and Schedule of Events, with current updates
• Symposium Newsletter, four full volumes of excellent material about the Grandmasters and the Symposium itself
• International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association’s Journal #34, free to everyone

Symposium Theme: Traditional Tai Chi Chuan “Directly From the Source”

The theme of this Symposium focuses on bringing together the wisdom of Chinese culture and the precision of modern science through master’s workshops, evidence-based literary review and academic sessions, and other special events designed to foster an exchange of knowledge and cultures.

Grandmasters’ Workshops: Five Family Styles

China’s lineage masters generously share the uniqueness of their forms. Each day, you will train with the Grandmasters who represent the five traditional family styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu/Hao, and Sun Styles. The event includes an introduction to a sixth style, He (Zhaobao) family style. These distinguished Grandmasters will present foundation exercises and movements that are distinctive to their own style, through “Tai Chi Gong.” All the styles are linked by shared characteristics, by history, and by a common philosophy, into one “family” of Tai Chi Chuan.

Academic Program: Tai Chi Chuan and Brain Science: The Health of the Brain and Nervous System

The Symposium program includes daily sessions on “Tai Chi Chuan and Brain Science.” These are focused on how the practice of Tai Chi Chuan affects neurological function. You’ll be excited by the research of the past decade that has revealed new and surprising insights on how our brain develops throughout our life. Research also has shown that Tai Chi Chuan training can be used to address disorders of the brain and nervous system, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
This is “evidence-based” information, presented by professionals, through special key-note speakers, lectures, and literary review sessions, with question-and-answer opportunities. It’s all highlighted by a fascinating interactive panel discussion among academic presenters and the Tai Chi Chuan Grandmasters.
Modern research scientists explain the effects of Tai Chi Chuan. You learn how to combine these into your own training.

Pre-Symposium Workshops: Key Elements of Tai Chi Chuan

Saturday, July 5, and Sunday, July 6: The pre-Symposium schedule includes short informative sessions, taught by experts, to present key elements of the art. There is introductory material for students who have little or no experience in Tai Chi Chuan, though you can enjoy this valuable material at all levels. You can sign up for these independently of the other Symposium programs. Instructors are welcome to collect great teaching tips.

Qualified Instructor Certification Program (QICP)

The Qualified Instructor Certification Program is a very exciting new project of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. The program has been created to satisfy the demand for capable instructors who can conduct authentic Yang Family 16 Form Tai Chi classes that preserve the essential and unique elements that make Tai Chi a valuable fitness practice.

QICP at the Symposium

The Symposium is pleased to offer a special enrollment option in QICP for individuals who are interested in acquiring credits toward that official certification as a “qualified instructor.” Attendance at Symposium events provides certification credits, and there are special certification training sessions also.
For complete information about this certification program, visit the Symposium website.

Build your foundation and enrich your understanding of Tai Chi Chuan
Come learn about this ancient Chinese martial art that has become a modern world-wide phenomenon. Get the latest scientific results. Find out how it has been proven to improve the health and well- being of its practitioners. Discover its benefits for yourself.

The Symposium is unique, and the next one will not be held in the U.S., so don’t miss this one!

I’ll see you there!

Pat Rice,
Program Director, Symposium
Director, Winchester Yang Chengfu Center
Director, A Taste of China

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2014 International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium, updates, 05.19.14