Dears Friends,

I attended the last Symposium in 2009 in Nashville. It was an excellent and amazing experience, because we learned so much with the 5 great masters and all academics. It was a privilege to learn directly from the source with the 5 leaders of the 5 traditional Tai Chi Chuan styles.

I recommend the second Symposium to everybody: if you are a Tai Chi Chuan practicioner, don´t miss the next Symposium; If you don´t know  Tai Chi Chuan, don´t miss the next Symposium too, because it will be a great opportunity to learn directly from the source. Tai Chi Chuan can help all of us to improve our health and life quality, then, go and attend the International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium in Louisville next July and enjoy the amazing wisdom of the Great Tai Chi Chuan Masters.

Fernando De Lazzari – from Ribeirão Preto city, Brazil.