Symposium_journal_page18_image2wA number of Yang Chengfu Centers and affiliated schools have had or are planning fundraising events to help support the 2014 Symposium. Thank you to those who give their time and costs freely to fundraise to help our Grandmasters continue to spread the art of Tai Chi Chuan throughout the world. Know that you are contributing to a large, special vision of building a world where all people can experience health, longevity and vibrant lives. We are so fortunate and grateful to generations of Masters who have shared their art. We recognize the incredible value we have gained from their teachings and in return, not only pass their teachings on to our students, but also give back support to our teachers in their efforts to further spread their art in a world that needs the benefits that Tai Chi Chuan can provide.

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following schools and people for their support. We are very grateful for all efforts and contributions of all sizes. It is inspiring to see the results of working together.

• The Milano-Italy Yang Cheng Fu Center raised $500.

• The East Brunswick Yang Cheng Fu Center raised $2500.

• The Seattle Yang Cheng Fu Center raised $3000.

• The Louisville Yang Cheng Fu Center raised $200.

• Cambridge Yang Cheng Fu Center ($450 from seminars taught earlier during the year).

• The Ottawa-Canada School ($540 from a t-shirt fundraiser.)

• The Mendoza-Argentina Yang Cheng Fu Center ($7500 from a push hands seminar to be taught in May 2014.)

• PAU Affiliated School, Toulouse Affiliated School, Jean Claude Beaudufe, Claudette Jarnolle ($2500 from a seminar taught in the Toulouse Affiliated School in France.)

• The Yang Cheng Fu Centers in Berlin and Cologne, Germany opened a fundraising account exclusively for the deposit of donations to help with the Symposium. Contact for more information if you would like to donate.

• The Cologne, Germany Yang Cheng Fu Center is planning a 2 day Push Hands seminar in June. All fees collected are being donated to the Symposium. Contact Frank Grothstuck at :,

• The Detroit Yang Cheng Fu Center is doing a t-shirt sale to raise funds.

• The New York City Yang Cheng Fu Center has 3 events planned. They are making tai chi shoe bags to sell. They are doing a raffle at their May 18 Tai Chi Potluck event in which the director will share his recent experience in China as well as showcase objects from China. In early June they will run a Tai Chi –Thon at Sherwood Island State Park with a potluck picnic. Contact Mari Lewis at: mari@yangfamilytaichi.comfor more information.

• The Montreal Yang Cheng Fu Center ($7000 from upcoming seminars).

• Grandmaster Yang Jun will donate 20% of funds raised from his Push Hands seminars to the funding of the Symposium.

• We have received individual donations from Marco Gagnon from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Iraima Rincones from Venezuela, Carolyn Fung from Seattle, Nicole Long and Sue Singleton from Montreal.

• The Yang Family Association has also greatly contributed to fundraising.

• We have also received donations from various donors who wish to remain anonymous.


Sergio Arione of Tai Chi Montreal and many of his students are donating their time and travel expenses for the events listed below. All funds collected will be donated to the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Foundation which is hosting the 2014 Symposium. We hope you are able to come out and support these events:

Montreal, Canada
April 26 & 27, 2014:
Sword seminar
May 31, 2014:
Friendly tai chi competition
June 14, 2014:
Push Hands seminar

Mendoza, Argentina
May 2-4, 2014:
Push Hands seminar

Buenos Aires, Argentina
October, 2014
Push Hands seminar

If you would like any information about the above seminars, please contact Sergio Arione at