Program and Resource Guide

(To read, click on the Handbook photo. This Handbook also contains video and links to websites.  If you are not able to access it, you may read a PDF version.)


• Letters of Welcome
• Symposium Welcomes Kang Gewu
• The Gift of Tai Chi Chuan
• Program and Schedule of Events
• Overview of Symposium Programs
• Symposium Etiquette
• How to Address the Grandmasters
• Cultural Exchange: Chinese Social Etiquette and Protocols
• Pre-Symposium Workshops
• Master Han Hoong Wang
• Grandmaster He Youlu
• The 5 Major Styles of Tai Chi Chuan
– Chen Style – Yang Style – Wu/Hao Style  – Wu Style  – Sun Style
• Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
• Grandmaster Yang Jun
• Grandmaster Zhong Zhenshan
• Grandmaster Ma Hailong
• Grandmaster Sun Yongtian
• Summary and Schedule of Academic Program
• Academic Presentations
• Academic Presenters
• Poster Presentations
• Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Foundation
• Thank You to Our Donors
• Symposium Senior Staff Members
• Thank You to Our Symposium Volunteer Team
• Symposium Sponsors