Omaha, Nebraska, USA

“I found it very valuable to be able to gain insight into the common aspects between the major Tai Chi Chuan styles. Each Grandmaster had different ways to focus on those aspects, and this allowed me to value the teachings and to understand the depth of my own chosen Tai Chi Chuan style.

There was a very high level of open-mindedness in the various Symposium presentations, and the seminars taught by the Grandmasters. There was a pervasive sense of belonging to the Tai Chi Chuan family. I will always remember the camaraderie and friendliness of everybody, whether they were experienced Tai Chi Chuan practitioners, or new ones. I made many new friends, some of whom I still keep in touch with today.”


Sao Paulo, Brazil

“My memories from the 2009 Symposium are very special to me. Being in front of each one of the Grandmasters and receiving teachings directly from them was amazing! Seeing their performances, hearing their talks with such great wisdom, understanding their histories, and also witnessing their humbleness made me understand more and more that Tai Chi Chuan is a special art which belongs to humanity and benefits peoples’ health and transforms their lives for the better. People all over the world can benefit from this art.

I also had the opportunity to share research related to cognitive impairment and offering this contribution for the great purpose of bringing together tradition and science was also very exciting.

I believe the 2014 Symposium will bring new ideas and surprises, and be an event which will be remembered forever!”


Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

“Attending the 2009 International Tai Chi Symposium as a participant and volunteer was a wonderful affirmation of why I love to practice and teach Tai Chi Chuan. The Grand Showcase and Masters Demonstration was particularly uplifting. Watching the world’s best Tai Chi practitioners demonstrate their skills to an enthusiastic audience felt like I was attending a world-class rock concert. Repeated standing ovations greeted the many excellent performances.

For me personally, it was particularly moving to once again study under Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and witness the passing of the torch to his grandson Master Yang Jun. I was also inspired by the women Masters, particularly the workshops led by Helen Wu and Zifang Su.

I met people from all over the world, as hundreds of people of different ages, nationalities, professions, and political orientations all came together to share their common passion, the practice and study of Tai Chi. I left with many new and valuable tools, techniques and ideas for my own practice and teaching. For anyone with the least interest in furthering their Tai Chi journey, I highly recommend attending the 2014 International Symposium.”

Asian Arts Group Tai Chi Center, Albany, NY, USA.

“The 2009 Symposium was a fantastic opportunity to study with the world’s greatest Tai Chi masters. The lectures and the research meetings provided many hours of thought-provoking ideas. No one serious about their Tai Chi studies should pass up this year’s opportunity to learn directly from the lineage grandmasters representing all the major Tai Chi styles.”


Tai Chi Examiner and a 12th Generation Chen Tai Chi Inheritor.

As a journalist of Tai Chi, I found the International Tai Chi Symposium was the most newsworthy event of all time. As a Tai Chi practitioner, I was totally overwhelmed by the profound knowledge shared by Grandmasters and experts. It was like a dream come true that I learned directly from not just one but several lineage holders, who are treasures of our time.


Author, Tai Chi in Your Life: 8 Principles That Can Change Your Life While Learning and Growing with Tai Chi.

The 2009 Tai Chi Chuan Symposium transformed and expanded my vision of teaching tai chi chuan. Instead of one teacher in one community, I now saw myself as part of a huge group of talented people who were dedicated to transforming people’s lives and by extension, the world. The experience inspired me to publish my book the following year. I am looking forward to attending the Symposium again in 2014.