5-Symposium_journal_page11_image1During the Symposium, join us for daily morning sunrise practices Monday to Friday, 6:15-7:00 a.m. These practices present exercises and movements that are related to Tai Chi Chuan but are different from practicing a form or sequence. The morning sunrise practices are a wonderful way to begin your day in tranquility and they will contribute to your sense of physical and mental well-being and enhance your experience of the Symposium. Practices are both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor practices take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and are led by a different Grandmaster each morning. The Grandmasters will introduce some early morning exercises that are customarily used within their style. Enjoy this unique chance to learn these exercises. You do not need to know the traditional form of each style to follow along. You will enjoy these practices regardless of your style or level of experience. The outdoor morning sunrise practices will be held at Fourth Street Live!, under the covered area close to the Seelbach Hotel. (For those staying in the Spalding University dorms, walk north on Street about a ½ mile and you will see the covered area.) Traffic is blocked off to this area and we will be practicing right on the street. 4th Street Live! is Louisville’s premier dining, entertainment and retail destination located on 4 th Street between Liberty Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard.

Indoor practices take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6:15-7:00 a.m. They are led by a different Yang Family Center Director from a different country each morning (except Thursday) and will be held in the Spalding University Center Gymnasium. These guest leaders will present gentle movements and exercises, selecting from their own resources and preferences. They will not lead a practice in any of the special forms the Grandmasters are introducing.

Greater Louisville Community Open Tai Chi Practice, Thursday July 10, 6:15-7:45 a.m. Thursday morning, everyone goes to the “Greater Louisville Community Open Tai Chi Practice”, at Fourth Street Live!, where the general public is invited to come and practice with all of the Grandmasters in turn. This special event is in partnership with the “Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement”, launched by Louisville Metro Government to create a culture of health and wellness with a vision of its becoming one of the healthiest cities in America. The Symposium is delighted to have this opportunity to showcase the Grandmasters, who exemplify living a healthy way of life, and to include community members in the Symposium morning’s activity