The 2019 Symposium is 5 full days of inspiring presentations, performances and workshops with a sprinkling of special events.

Everything will take place in the mountain resort township of Selvino, Italy.  All the venues are within walking distance making it very easy to get to each event. The only exception is the optional excursion to San Pellegrino for which transportation will be provided.

Day 1 It all begins on Saturday, May 25 with the opening ceremoniesDuring this event not only will there be the welcomes and greetings, but also the Masters will introduce and then demonstrate their respective tai chi chuan style. We’ll then celebrate the great cultural diversity of our global tai chi family

Day 1 also marks the start of the symposium academic program with key note addresses by eminent scholars and researchers of tai chi chuan.   That evening there will be a Round Table Panel discussion with the Masters and Academic faculty who will field questions from participants. 

Day 2  For the first time, there will be a tournament of all Yang tai chi chuan styles – the Yang Family Tai Chi Cup. It will take place on Sunday, May 26. This is a special event that invites all of the different variations of Yang tai chi chuan to come together.  The Yang Family Tai Chi Cup will be a reunion and gathering  of Yang tai chi chuan schools. Competition will be for both individuals and groups with events in bare hand, sword and saber forms. The rules and regulations for this tournament are available here:

Sunday night is the feature Grand Showcase with performances by all the masters.

Days 3 – 5  The daily schedule begins on Monday with an early morning practise led by the Masters’ senior students and disciples. 

Each day there will be three Masters’ workshops conducted simultaneously botin the morning and then again in the afternoon. Each workshop is 3 hours long where the Masters will teach their Tai Chi Kung hand form.  Participants will be assigned to a specific group so that they will have the opportunity to train with each of the Masters. 


Academic sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  The lectures will be based on original research on tai chi chuan and its impact on health.  Question/answer and discussion time will be part of each session giving participants the opportunity to share insights and experiences relating to the various presentation topics.  As well, there will be poster displays of evidence-based research on tai chi chuan for the full duration of the symposium.

Special Events

The 2019 Symposium has a number of special events to bring everyone together in social settings, providing both entertainment and additional opportunities to practise, to learn, spend time with old friends and make new ones. On Saturday, May 25th the special events will include: The Opening Ceremonies, The Round Table panel discussion with the Masters and Academic Faculty and a get to know you dance party, Saturday Night Fever. The Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Tournament and the Grand Showcase, featuring performances by the grandmasters, will be held on Sunday, May 26th. A Fireside chat with the Masters will take place on Tuesday May 28 and on Wednesday 29 we will have the closing ceremonies followed by a friendship party and farewell.




San Pellegrino Excursion

An optional visit to San Pellegrino to experience their famous thermal baths is being planned for the evening of Monday, May 27 .  The cost for this excursion will be separate from the symposium fee.