Tai Chi Centers & Groups

The Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Foundation has put together some information to help Tai Chi schools, Tai Chi affiliated groups, and school directors get their organization/school on track in assisting with this venture.

Some schools/groups have chosen to sell t-shirts they have designed, other products, collection boxes at front entrance of organizations. etc.

In these cases it would be helpful for the school director/president to collect these types of funds and issue the donation under one name (school or group name). This could be sent via paypal or via bank draft through mail.

For each amount of funds you submit, please input it into the form below so that we have a record and can match the funds received with appropriate donors (groups or individuals).  Please make sure to record on the form your group name each time if this is a group fundraising effort.

If you have any ideas or simply need help and a contact to work with on how you or your group would like to contribute please feel free to email Sergio Arione at sergio@yangfamilytaichi.com.

We look forward to any new and innovative ideas on helping to get this major event out to the public and with necessary fundraising ideas.

Documents that will be linked here shortly are:

1. Template letter to aid in explaining and seeking out contributors for this fundraising project.

2. Document explaining various levels of contributions.

3. Information on Registered as Charitable Foundation in USA and receipts.

4. All contributors receive electronic email advising on amount donated, date and event supporting for their records.