Share the gift of Tai Chi Chuan! The Symposium is a rare opportunity for your students and other students at Tai Chi schools of all styles in your area to learn Tai Chi Chuan from the Grandmasters. It is an opportunity for all students to expand their depth, knowledge, and skill of Tai Chi Chuan beyond their current level. Now there is an easy way to help make students aware of the 2014 Symposium.

There are Symposium posters that you can download, print and hang up in your school, or email to your student list if you would like to. Also, consider contacting other Tai Chi schools in your area to let them know about the Symposium and see if they would like a poster for their school. To view and download posters, please visit: http://www.yangfamilytaichi.com/download/. Many thanks for your support in helping others learn about the 2014 Symposium and sharing the gift of Tai Chi Chuan.