Biographical Notes on the 2014 Symposium Academic Speakers

( listed in order of appearance)

Keynote:  “The Learning Brain”

Daniel E. Shulz, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Daniel Shulz’s native country is Argentina.  He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, his Master degree in Medical Sciences and Neurobiology at the Hadassah School of Medicine in Jerusalem, Israel, and his Ph.D. in Neurosciences at Paris University in France.  Since 2002, Dr. Shulz has served as Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research.  He is presently director of the Somatosensory Processing and Sensory Plasticity laboratory and co-director of the Department of Neuroscience, Information and Complexity in Gif sur Yvette, France.

Dr. Shulz’s current research interest includes the study of sensory processing and plasticity and the neural basis of learning.  He has published more than 50 scientific papers and book chapters on these subjects.  Dr. Shulz teaches Sensory Physiology at several French universities and regularly participates in international conferences, summer schools and seminars.  He is a member of the Societies of Neuroscience of Argentina, France, Israel and USA,

Dr. Shulz began the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan eleven years ago at the Yang Chengfu Paris Center under the tutelage of Duc and Carole Nguyen Minh, where he is now a teaching assistant.

Keynote:  “Emotional Resiliency in a Challenging World; the role of Tai Chi,” Karen L. Grantz, Psy.D.

Dr. Karen Grantz holds a Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, CA; a Master of Arts and a Doctorate of Psychology from Spalding University, Louisville, KY.

She has worked as a co-investigator on several research projects including “A Pilot Study of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention for Combat Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” (2005).  She has received the Department of Veterans Affairs Special Contribution Award twice, 2006 and 2013, and was recognized by the American Psychological Association for her clinical work in 2009.  Dr. Grantz currently serves as Senior Supervisory Psychologist and Facility Psychology Executive at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Louisville, KY and is responsible for all issues pertinent to the profession of psychology at the facility.

Dr. Grantz brings unique insights regarding the role of Tai Chi in survivors recovery and developing research into why some individuals seem to have greater emotional resiliency to trauma than others.  Drawn initially to Tai Chi for its healing qualities for her patients, she now maintains her own personal practice.

Literature review:  “Cognitive Deficit, Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia, Tai Chi based research”, Ramon Suarez Zaldu, MD, Clinical Laboratory Director of National Institutes of Rheumatology, Uruguay.

Associated Professor Suarez is trained as a Medical Doctor in Uruguay University of Medicine and completed his studies in Germany. He is Clinical Laboratory Director of National Institute of Rheumatology in Uruguay & Clinical Laboratory Director of British Hospital in Uruguay. His area of expertise is the diagnosis of degenerative diseases, clinical research and health technology. He is author of more than 150 scientific publications and has 3 international research awards. He is a long-standing advisor for State Health Services Administration in his country. He was President of the Latin American Society of Clinical Pathology and Chairman of the Uruguayan Clinical Pathology Society. He is currently Vice-president of External Relations of Latin American Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. He coordinates and participates in many national and international research collaborations and has served on the project management team of several research programs including patient safety.

Dr. Suarez began the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan twelve years ago. In 2012, he became an instructor at the Yang Chengfu Center Sao Paulo-Brasil under the tutelage of Angela Soci and Roque Severino.

Practicum:  “Tai Chi and management of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases,” Ramon Suarez Zaldu, MD
View papers: Paper SUAREZ  REVIEW Cognitive deficit SUAREZ

Practicum:  Clinical Application of Tai Chi for Pain Management,” Kristi Hallisy, PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI

Dr. Kristi Hallisy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (1984), a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (1992) and a Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan (2011). She is American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties certified specialist in orthopaedics (OCS), certified manual physical therapist (CMPT) and certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Instructor (CTI).

Dr. Hallisy is an assistant professor at the UW-Madison and her teaching responsibilities include musculoskeletal coursework, health promotion and wellness, orthotics and prosthetics. Her clinical appointment includes patient care at University Health Services (student health) and professional staff development at UW-Health Princeton Club East Outpatient PT Clinic. As part of the multi-disciplinary pain management clinic, Dr. Hallisy developed UW-Health’s Movement Awareness and Exercise Class for Patients with Chronic Conditions based on Tai Chi mind-body principles.

Dr. Hallisy also serves as a faculty member, instructor and mentor for the Post-Professional Orthopaedic Clinical Residency Program offered at the UW-Health and Meriter hospitals. Professionally, Dr. Hallisy provides service to the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) as a member of the WPTA Board of Directors, Co-Chair of the Health Promotion and Wellness Committee and special liaison to the WPTA Continuing Education Committee.

View paper: Tai chi for Pain Management-Clinical Application

Keynote:  “Trauma informed Tai Chi instruction; opportunities for growth and healing”,  Karen L. Grantz, Psy.D.

Practicum:  “Tai Chi Fundamentals® for Veterans and VA Staff across the Health Care Continuum: From Rehabilitation to Wellness.” Patricia Corrigan Culotti , CTI, MTF and  Tricia Yu, MA

Patricia Corrigan Culotti, BSA, CTI, MTF and Tricia Yu, MA

Patricia Corrigan Culotti, BSA, CTI, MTF is co-founder of Enhancing Balance and consults with local hospitals and health care organizations to introduce and integrate ancient healing arts into mainstream medicine. Pat has been teaching and studying traditional Yang style Tai Chi and qigong since 1977. She has taught Tai Chi to diverse special populations, including Parkinson’s patients, veterans and the frail elderly through Zablocki VA Medical Center, Aurora Health Care Systems, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, ProHealth, and Adaptive Community Approach Program in the southeastern Wisconsin area. Her understanding of architectural design, structure and anthropometrics, gives her a unique ability to work with human body mechanics.

Pat has received certifications to teach from 4 main recognized Tai Chi Masters. She is also a certified Range of Motion (ROM) Dance instructor. Her ability to train and certify health care professionals in Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) comes from receiving her Advanced Instructor Certification (Level 6) in this discipline. Pat is a featured model of Tai Chi postures for Tai Chi Mind and Body by Tricia Yu (DK Publishing, London).


Tricia Yu holds a B.A. Behavioral Psychology from DePauw University and a M.A. in Education from Claremont Graduate University

Her ceritifications include Yang Style Cheng Man Ch’ing Lineage Tai Chi certified lineage Instructor by two Grand Masters: Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and William C.C. Chen.

Tricia is former director (1974-2005) of Tai Chi Center in Madison, Wisconsin, one of the oldest and largest schools in the US, and present owner: Tai Chi Health, providing instructors training and certification nationally. She has taught Tai Chi and qigong as a full-time occupation since 1972 and is a pioneer in integrating Tai Chi into medical model exercise therapy. 198l, co/creator: ROM Dance® Program. 1996, creator: Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program.  She has collaborated with health care practitioners in developing training materials, seminars and certification testing for both programs.


Practicum:  “Healing Invisible Wounds, teaching veterans suffering from post-combat stress,” Sifu Laurent (Chris) Bouguyon

Sifu Chris is a veteran of the US Navy and a Valedictorian Honors graduate of the National Institute of Technology with a degree in Electronic Engineering.  He is also certified in advanced wilderness medicine from the Wilderness Medicine Institute’s National Outdoor Leadership School.  He is a Professional Member of the National Qigong Association and is currently serving on its Board of Directors.  As the co-founder of SimplyAware, Sifu Chris’ programs and regional events have been featured in Allen Image Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and on ABC, NBC and CBS. He is frequently invited to lecture and teach at University’s and Professional Conferences across the country where his passion for helping people find their “true best selves” thrives.  His efforts to help people find their “true best selves” earned him The Gold Medal for Volunteers in Service from the President of the United States.

A regional behavioral health hospital asked Sifu Chris to develop a Qigong based Recreational Therapy Program for their Veterans and Woman’s Trauma Groups. In 2010, the program’s success led them to add Qigong Recreational Therapy Groups focused on Chemical Dependency, Chronic Pain, Adult and Geriatric Psychiatric, including the Critical Stabilization Unit patients. As a result of this program’s continued success, and his unique Western/Eastern blended perspective on holistic healing, in 2012, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Hospital – Dallas asked Sifu Chris and SimplyAware to share their Training Mindfully with Qigong Principles™ program with their veteran population. This 12 week / 24 class program has delivered extraordinary results with the veterans showing marked improvement in every category measured. So much so that it was featured in Psychology Today’s online publication, “Invisible Wounds” written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Eric Newhouse.

View presentation: Bouguyon 2014_Final_e

Keynote:  “The Evolution of the Tai Chi Mind,” Arthur Rosenfeld

Arthur Rosenfeld began his formal martial arts training in 1980 and has studied deeply in China and the United States. A Yale graduate and student of Tai Chi grandmasters, Arthur is dedicated to personal transformation and social change through the application of Tai Chi practice and Taoist philosophy. In 2012 he was ordained a Taoist monk at the Chun Yang (Pure Yang) Taoist Temple in Guangzhou, the first Westerner to be so honored. He hosts the hit (56MM households tune in) national public television show Longevity Tai Chi with Arthur Rosenfeld.

Rosenfeld blogs on The Huffington Post, and his offerings also appear in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Parade, Newsweek Ebony, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, and numerous other websites and newspapers nationwide. He was named Tai Chi Master of The Year at the World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2011, and received the Action On Film Festival’s Maverick award (previous recipients include David Carradine, John Savage, and Talia Shire) in August 2012.

In 2010, Rosenfeld produced and hosted a documentary series on the scientific evidence for acupuncture, Tai Chi, and meditation. Funded by the pharmaceutical industry, tens of thousands of copies of these films have been distributed to major medical centers, professional healthcare organizations, group medical practices, patient advocacy associations and more. In 2012 he produced a follow-up instructional series.

Rosenfeld has penned 13 critically acclaimed books, some of which have sold bestseller numbers and been optioned to Hollywood. He was a finalist for the prestigious Books for a Better Life award for his bestseller The Truth About Chronic Pain (New York: Basic Books, 2003), and his prize-winning novels have recently focused on Chinese philosophy and martial arts action. Most recently he authored Tai Chi – The Perfect Exercise (Da Capo Press, June 2013). Forthcoming books include a novel about the Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, and a series of inspirational, Taoist handbooks. He holds corporate and introductory workshops around the country, and teaches beginning and advanced martial arts students locally in South Florida.


Practicum:  “Community Based Tai Chi to Reduce Risk Factors for Chronic Heart Failure Patients,” Rod Ferguson

Rod Ferguson is the National Director of Training & Chief Instructor with the Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong.  A full-time professional instructor since 1978, he manages 45 locations throughout Queensland.  As well as conducting Traditional Academy Tai Chi classes, he also trains Traditional & Applied Tai Chi instructors and ‘non-expert’ group leaders for Applied Tai Chi. Rod personally teaches more than 800 students on average per week.


Rod has won many awards – including a Gold Medal Fan performance in China – yet his teaching style is very natural and inspires students of all levels.  Ongoing learning is an essential part of his practice, to enhance and expand his skills – not only with his mentor Grandmaster Gary Khor (founder AATC 1976) but also with many Tai Chi Qigong Masters and health experts around the world.


Literature review: “ Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Tai Chi based research”, Kristina Woodworth, B.Sc., CEO SciMantis Medical Communications, New Jersey.

Ms. Woodworth earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.   Prior to founding SciMantis, she participated in the product development phase of automated systems for the quantitative detection of viral RNA for clinical diagnostics and disease management applications for Roche Molecular Systems, Branchburg, NJ. and served as Senior Research Editor for, Princeton, NJ.  As the sole proprietor of SciMantis Medical Communications, Inc., she provides a broad range of medical writing and consultation services to clients interested in the effective communication of scientific data and the development of straightforward, audience-appropriate content. Targeted expertise in diabetes and endocrinology, cardiovascular medicine, and the treatment of neurologic disease, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety.

She has been a practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 1992 and holds memberships in Systems Within Systems Kung Fu, the American Medical Writers Association, and the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.


Meta-Analysis:  “Tai Chi related research on the health of the brain and nervous system,” Patricia Flatt, M.S., PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Western Oregon University.

Dr. Patricia Flatt’s educational background includes a M.S. in Plant Ecology from the University of Denver and a PhD in Biochemistry from Vanderbilt University, where she conducted research on the molecular mechanisms of cancer biology. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Marine Natural Products Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University. She currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Chemistry at Western Oregon University and has developed coursework in Medicinal Chemistry and the Biochemistry of Complementary and Alternative Medicines. In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr.  Flatt has earned her first degree black belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do, holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan under Master Warren Allen for the past 5 years. She has received further training in Chen-Style Tai Chi under Grand Master Liming Yue and completed her Level Two Instructor Certification. In collaboration with Master Yue, she has developed a new Study Abroad Program at Western Oregon University entitled “Applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)”.  The course is offered in alternating years during the summer term and focuses on Chinese culture and history, the fundamental principles of TCM, and the bioenergetics of the ancient arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong.

View presentation: Flatt TCC Presetation 2014


Closing Keynote:  Arthur Rosenfeld.