We would like to thank all that supported the International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium. We hope that you all enjoyed the symposium and look forward to seeing you at the next one!

A special thank you to our donors and volunteers.  Without them we could not have brought the five world Tai Chi Grandmasters and the program of activities and events to the international community.

On the behalf of the International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium, we thank each and every one of you for your direct support as well as fundraising and ideas.

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Sergio Aguirre Marsha Ahrens Sergio Arione Sue Arione Bob Ashmore Dave Barrett Pam Boyde Brent D Brayshaw Tim Brelig Allen Bush Therezinha Tengan Sako Chahinian Ken Cooper Daniel Corona Fernando De Lazzari Patty Flatt Cindy Frusha Marco Gagnon Ian Gamble Jo-Ann Gates Jeffery Graham-Lietz Danielle Hammond Rick Harned Annie Herbert Carole-Anne Hojnick Fang Hong Lloyd Kelly Amber King Ruth Kizer Kostas Kotsifakis Vivian Lacroix Mari Lewis Cindy Lio Nicole Long Mike Lucero Justin Magnuson Jim Marksberry Cheryl Medvedenko Carl Meeks
Diane Miller Gabriela Naves Patricia Neill Duc Nguyen Minh Ken T. Ning Lisa Nutt Tina Ochoa Dee Ogilvy Jean Ouellette Audi Peal Chris Pierce Glenda Quarnstrom Judith Rew Pat Rice Stefanie Russell Martine Salane Andrew Schirmacher Charles Schultise Joanne Sellars Mihai Serban Jim Showalter Helen Smeja Susan Smith Angela Soci Song Bin Beverly Spool Peter Spool Cathy Straffon Diane Swedin Holly Sweeney-Hillman Jason Timony Ray Tom Laird Trimble Giuseppe Turturo Bill Walsh Han Hoong Wang Yang Jun Yong You Eric Ziegler