The Masters

The 2019 Symposium is honoured to bring to you a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s foremost authorities on each of the six major styles of tai chi chuan: Chen, Yang, Wu(Hao), Wu, Sun and He.
It marks the first time all six Masters will appear together in Europe as “one family in tai chi chuan”.


Master Chen Zhenglei
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

Master Chen Zhenglei is the 11th generation direct-lineage inheritor of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan and is considered to be one of the most accomplished teachers of his generation. In 1995 he was recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association as one of China’s top 10 martial artists. Master Chen has represented his lineage in many tournaments consistently winning top honors both nationally and internationally, and his students have been among China’s most successful martial competitors. Master Chen has been teaching tai chi chuan close to 50 years, and has published articles in major martial arts journals and books on Chen tai chi chuan.


Master Yang Jun
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

6th Generation descendent from the founder of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and 5th generation inheritor, Master Yang Jun is a graduate of Shanxi University in physical education and has been training, studying and then teaching Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan since the age of 5. In 1998 he and his grandfather, Master Yang Zhenduo, founded the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association with the mission of bringing Yang Family tai chi practitioners together and to share the family’s standard of practise worldwide to help humankind. As the first of his family to bring their art to the west, spreading Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan internationally, with over 80 centers and schools on five continents and teachers in 24 countries, has been one of his finest accomplishments. His greatest wish is to unite practitioners in China and the West into one big family where despite national borders and cross-cultural differences, everyone is linked together through their love of tai chi chuan.


Master Wu Kwongyu (Eddy Wu)
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Fifth Generation Master Wu Kwong Yu is the eldest son of Wu Tai Kwei and the great grandson of Wu Chien Chuan. In 1976, he succeeded his uncle Master Wu Daxin as the Master of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Toronto, Canada. Since then, he continues to foster the development of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan throughout Asia, North America and Europe and established official academies in these regions. In 1995, he created the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation to internationalize his family form.


Master Zhong Zhenshan
Wu (Hao) Style Tai Chi Chuan

Master Zhong Zhenshan was born in the Town of Guangfu and is the 5thgeneration inheritor of Wu (Hao) Family Tai Chi Chuan.  He has served on numerous tai chi chuan organizations in China and is dedicated to the dissemination, promotion and development of Wu’s tai chi chuan. Master Zhong is known for his superb skill as well as knowledge of the theory and history of tai chi chuan.  The author of several books and essays on Wu (Hao) style tai chi chuan, in 2006 his “Wu-Style Taijiquan” became one part of “The Treasures of Chinese Martial Arts”.




Master Sun Yongtian
Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan

A distinguished and respected member of China’s martial arts community, Master Sun Yongtian studied for many years under the guidance of Sun Jianyun, the daughter of the founder of Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Sun Lutang. Master Sun is the Vice-Chairman of the Beijing Martial Arts Association and the Vice-President of the Sun Tai Chi Research Institute in China.



Master He Youlu
He Style Tai Chi Chuan

Master He was born in the town of Zhaobao, Wen County, Henan Province. He is the lineal descendant of He Zhaoyuan, the founder of He Style (also referred to as Zhaobao He Style) Tai Chi Chuan. A seventh-duan Chinese martial artist, Master He has dedicated himself to the research, promotion and dissemination of tai chi, and has spread the tai chi chuan culture both at home and abroad.  He is the President of the He Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Wen County and is the representative successor of the He Style’s cultural heritage. He is also the Chairman of the He Style Tai Chi Chuan Association in Jiaozuo, Henan Province.

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